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Land, sea and air freight in Turkey and Libya

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Integrated Cargo services

Integrated Cargo from our long experience

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Fast shipping

We are distinguished by the speed of shipment and its arrival on specific dates

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Bouzdera Company is distinguished by its meticulous work and its team specialized in packaging, packing and delivering shipments to their location on time. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and gain their satisfaction. Its services for shipping in Turkey and inside Libya provide speed and safety for your shipment with Bozdera Company.

Mahmoud Abd General Director

Packaging and storage

We carry out all shipping, packaging and packaging operations in proportion to the sent shipment

Thorough inspection of all goods

Work on a comprehensive examination of all goods and carry out re-packaging.

All types of shipping

Shipping of all kinds of goods, commodities, furnishings and clothing.

Insurance services

Providing insurance services and providing compensation service to our customers for any problems during the receipt process or damage to the shipment with a value that satisfies its customers.

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